Saturday, October 20, 2012

2013 Adventures

Where in the world do you want to ride in 2013? 

We are working on our 2013 Adventure schedule right now, so if you are interested in doing the Trans Wisconsin Trail, Black Hills, Moab or anywhere else, and you need a little help planning or maybe a guide, then give us a shout!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tucker Rocky 2nd Annual Adventure Ride

On September 6th -9th we held the 2nd annual Tucker Rocky Adventure Ride on the trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.  We had riders from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, South Dakota and Nebraska!

We met in Galena Illinois and stayed at the 3 Bears Lodge so we could get an early start on the route.

I stopped in Fennimore WI to take Igor's photo and check out a bee sting I managed to get on my neck a few miles down the road.

Day 1
The first day we got an early start and we were really making good time, we had a great bunch of riders!

A panorama at the Point of Beginning on the Wisconsin/Illinois border.

Good-Nuff Hollow was a blast as usual!

A quick stop at Mt Hosmer in Lansing Iowa for a group shot.

Day 1 ended in Hatfield WI where we enjoyed a great supper and a few frosty beverages!

Day 2
We started Day 2 with a few repairs

We had quite an assortment of bikes with, including this sweet NINJA!  Only slightly modified.

Chris White from Tucker Rocky

Mike Larson from Larson's Cycle in Cambridge Minnesota, one hell of a rider!!

Rob from Tucker Rocky, right before a slight crash caused a broken cylinder head cover, which ended his trip early.

Its never a good thing when a mechanical issue arises, but its nice to see everyone pitching in and getting it back on the road!

Things got a little rainy, but it kept the dust down!

We ended Day 2 at my favorite place in the north woods, The Boulder Lodge on Ghost Lake, near Clam Lake Wisconsin.  This is an amazing place, I suggest you add it to your list and stop in and say hi to Terry and Michelle!

Day 3

Our last day on the route!
The last day is always a fun one, yet kind of sad since you know everyone will be going their separate ways soon, this was a great bunch, one that would have made a longer trip fun!

We left camp and boogied up to our breakfast stop which was at the famous Delta Diner. The Delta Diner is always a highlight of the trip since they offer a really cool place with amazing food and an awesome staff!

This group was made up of very solid riders, which made my job as a guide easy, but made my other job as a photographer very difficult.  Usually, I can get a ways ahead and hop off the bike and snap some photos, but these guys could really haul ass and were alway right on my tail!

We rolled into Cornucopia and my bike decided to take a nap!

Cornucopia is a very cool, relaxing fishing town, and the northernmost town in Wisconsin.  This would be a great place to spend a weekend with your family.

We all hung around and talked a bit, then everyone began their long rides home.  The 2nd Annual Tucker Rocky Adventure Ride went very well, looking forward to 2013!