Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motoworks Chicago guided tour on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

 MOTOWORKS CHICAGO - Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail group ride

 We had a total of 15 people in our group as we worked our way through Wisconsin on the TWAT route. Our first day on the route took us from Dubuque Iowa, through the farm lands of southern Wisconsin and ended up in Black River Falls that night.

 We ended up getting into Black River Falls pretty late on a Sunday night and our dining options were pretty limited! We got on the road early Monday morning since we knew we had a long way to go today, and some of the toughest riding of the trip.

 Steve and Joe were always at the front of the group, riding at a pretty good clip!

 This was also our first taste of deep sand, and it caught a few people off guard!

We rolled into Clam Lake shortly before the store closed and booked up every room in the hotel! Then it was off to the Elkhorn Lodge for a great supper and a few beers.

We were up and on the road early again today. The bikes were getting pretty dirty but they were all holding up well. Everyone in the group had spent a lot of time setting up their bikes correctly.

 We cranked out some miles early so we could enjoy breakfast at the famous Delta Diner! Best meal of the trip for sure!

After the Delta Diner we entered the tip of Wisconsin and one main characteristic of this area is deep sand! The conditions of these roads vary quite a bit depending on the weather and logging activity in the area.

We all made it safely to Cornucopia where we finished the route and dipped our toes into the lake.

My trusty old DR650 on the shore of the lake. I can't imagine how many times this bike has seen this view!

Johnny from Motoworks, alway on the job!

After hanging out at the lake we all went our separate ways. Some of the guys had to blast back to Chicago and some were hanging out and riding some more. I had to put the hammer down since it was 4pm and I had about a 5 hour ride to get home.

This was a great ride with a great bunch of guys! Keep an eye out for a video coming soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Story published about the Trans Wisconsin Trail

Wisconsin Trails - A Great Escape

Click the link to read a great article about the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail written by John Hildebrand and published in the great magazine, Wisconsin Trails.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scouting Mission on the Trans Wisconsin Trail

A few weeks a go I went out scouting some new trails to add into the Trans Wisconsin Route. We ended up finding some pretty challenging ATV trails that will help spice up the route for people that are interested in getting a little dirty!

 Plenty of mud holes, some of them are surprisingly deep and full of surprises!

Me and my dusty but trusty 2006 Suzuki DR650

     Ernie Bell from Dakota Motorsports on his Twin Headlight KLR650

We stayed at my favorite place near Clam Lake, the Boulder Lodge on Ghost Lake