Friday, June 22, 2012

Before the storm

A shot I took on the wonderful back roads of Wisconsin's Driftless area before a severe storm rolled in.

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Central Wisconsin Adventure Ride

Well we completed our Central Wisconsin Adventure Ride that we put on for some of our friends.  There were 16 people that showed up to battFriday most of us met for supper at the Orange Moose in Black River Falls. Most people hoteled it, and 3 or 4 camped.  The hotel people were able to escape the bugs and heat, but they did get a good peep show from a friendly camper!

Saturday morning we met up and groups took off on the route

I stayed back a while to see if anyone showed up late.

This pic was where I was waiting, but taken a week earlier.

I had to put some miles in on the highway to catch up to the group. I waited for them for a while in Rock Dam only to find out they didn't stop there and were actually ahead of me, so I had to haul ass up to Thorp.

While hanging out in Thorp, a woman came up and asked who owned the KTM (common problem when you ride a KTM) and it turned out to be CJ Racers mom!

She was amazed that pretty much all of us knew Craig and her and Craigs dad   mentioned we should join them in Chippewa Falls at the Leinenkugels Brewery since they were having free beer and brats. I damn near left everyone there! :freaky

Shortly after Thorp we were on the Perkinstown Trails which sustained some damage in a recent storm and had a lot of down trees and deep mud holes. It made for some extra work but it sure was fun!

Some great teamwork to clear trail obstacles!

Some went over obstacles:

But needed a little help:

And some had no choice but to go around some obstacles:

Big Falls Park

It wasn't long before Tom pulled over with a funky running bike

The bike was taken apart in hopes of finding an easy fix.

Dave tried on some new glasses!

We sat here a while trying to figure things out and the other group caught up to us, they had been running a bit more ATV trails than us.

Turns out they found out they had some issues too!

At this point we were about 45 miles from Clam Lake and the decision was made to try to limp the bikes to camp. I lead the slow group while some of the others headed off on the actual route and part of the Dead Horse Trail.

We hit a little rain on the way to Clam Lake and had to make one stop to work on the KTM again.

I waited in Clam Lake for the other group while my group headed to camp to get set up before another rain shower hit. The second group showed up and we all headed the last ten miles to the Boulder Lodge.

We had a long day but we had a great place to hang out and eat and enjoy a few (more than a few) beers.

It was great camping weather and luckily Sunday ended up being a beautiful day.

Tom was up bright and early trying to trouble shoot his carb issues

Twin Headlight Ernie stepped in and gave Tom a ride all the way to the twin cities so he could get his truck and come back and pick his bike up!  :clap

Patched also went the extra mile by running Tim's chain into Hayward to be fixed :clap

Had a great breakfast in Winter on the way home

Collarbone and I have twin DR's

Link to some helmet cam footage:

You can view the photos that some of the others took here!